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Teresa is the founder of  Teresa May Agency, as she learned about the growth of the filming industry and the need to recruit Principal Actors and Movie Extras, there had been no other registered talent agency in the Okanagan. Many people she connects with in her large network of friends, associates and colleagues have interest in doing something fun, a little different for a little extra income while learning about the movie industry. Teresa has been part of the movie industry herself for over 30 years from the East Coast of Halifax to the West Coast of Vancouver and 5 years in Northern California, mainly in doing Background Extras, Commercials, Modelling and Marketing in business as well as connection within the community. So with her determination of carving out a new path, reinventing herself, Teresa May Agency became the 111th  BC licensed Talent Agency and the first in the Okanagan. Teresa has always immersed herself in distinct careers, community services and social activities that resulted in her diverse, successful career path.  Her motivation is to help others succeed by building relationships, making connections, and attaining the goals.

Director of Business Relations and Communications

Contact: [email protected]

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A full time business owner, finance clerk and bookkeeper.  Shawna Whitney‘s largest role in life has been to support those around her helping to grow and shape the businesses and managers around her for success.  As executive producer of her first film The Perfect Pickup, she dove into a new world in 2015 that has taken hold of her heart.  She has learned a tremendous amount in the past 4 years on filmmaking and the backend to the industry. Creating lasting memories and friendships.  Film and supporting good storytelling have become a large fascination of hers that has led to the desire to help an industry grow within her own community.  She sees such amazing talent all around the Okanagan and wants to help foster and to assist clients in reaching new levels of their careers. Outside of her regular job, Shawna is involved in Tae Kwon Do coaching, co-founding Athlete Performance International. She was also a charity organizer, fundraiser and minor soccer coach. Shawna’s same work ethics and philosophy with Teresa will help elevate the agency to the next level as she joined Teresa May Agency as a partner. Together they share in the same vision of helping talents grow and develop.

Director of Talent Recruitment and Business Finance

Contact: [email protected]