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We will achieve this through working together with many casting companies like Okanagan Film Commission, Okanagan Film Audition Group, Various Producers coming to the Okanagan, Vancouver companies to get you into the movies, playing a Principal Role, a one line stand in or as Background Cast. Simply send me your profile and information.

Okanagan is a Hot Spot for Film Industry

Our community continues to grow in the film industry. The Okanagan has been on everyone’s radar and the government is supportive with tax credits for productions that shoot outside the Lower Mainland. Three years ago, the Okanagan was the location for big-budget movies Tomorrowland, starring George Clooney, and Go With Me, featuring Anthony Hopkins.There has also been the steady stream of lower-budget movies, made-for-TV films, commercials and corporate videos that are made in the Okanagan. B.C.’s film industry is the third largest in North America and provides hundreds of jobs in the region. It’s a vital part of our economy, so with more movies being filmed here, we need casting for more Background work, crew, make-up artists, set designers etc. creating more jobs in the Okanagan.

Kelowna now is  home to a full service film studio of its very own Eagle Creek Studio. With the expansion of the film industry into the Okanagan over the past several years, a multi-purpose facility with the capability to house full-scale productions. It is located on Spectrum Court by the Kelowna International Airport.

Actor Josiah Black believes Kelowna has a viable future as a Canadian film industry hot spot.“Vancouver has gotten to the point where it’s hard for even established actors to live there,” explained Black after attending film school and working in Vancouver as an actor, he moved back to his hometown in Kelowna. “The Okanagan landscape clearly has great potential for film, but the city also has the right components to create a thriving film scene.”

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