Teresa May is the networking queen, always busy going from one event to another, talking to others about Cherry Lane Homes. www.cherrylanehomes.ca She is proud of Peter Teschner, president of Cherry Lane Homes who is the love of her life. Cherry Lane Homes builds custom homes and lasting relationships with clients, from starter homes that are affordable to the million dollar homes whatever is within their budget and vision.                                                Teresa believes in living every day to the fullest. If she is not on the lake wake surfing you will find her sky diving, flying in a glider plane, ultralight plane, hot air balloon ride, hang gliding, paragliding, most of what would be on a person’s bucket list which Teresa considers her life list – all the things she will do while she is living. She has traveled to many countries and will continue travelling to more each year.

Teresa May Agency

Teresa opens up Teresa May Agency as she learned about the growth of the filming industry and the need to recruit Principal Actors and Movie Extras. Many people she connects with in her large network of friends, associates and colleagues have interest in doing something fun, a little different for a little extra income while learning about the movie industry. Being a movie extra is a full day of commitment but you get to meet new people, see what it is like behind the scene of filming or bring your book or laptop to catch up on work.


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